1. depressed.net is a personal website, nothing more.

2. depressed.net does not encourage suicide.

3. depressed.net is not a suicide support center.

4. depressed.net is not a depression resource center.

5. depressed.net does not care about anything more than triggering thought and amusing its webmaster.

6. depressed.net's webmaster is not amused by your or anyone elses death.

6a. depressed.net's webmaster reserves the right to ignore #6 in special cases.

If you need help, seek it. I don't recommend seeking it here.

To quote a song : "How can I help you when I cant even help myself?".

Websites with their own depressed.net subdomains such as depravity.depressed.net, coma.depressed.net, and others you will find, are the property of their respective webmasters.