Notes by Calle (and Ingvar)

At the end of Mike's file there were an entry for Nitrous Oxide. I have removed it, as there already is one. There were also a mail were someone recommended military nerve toxins. They might not be as certain as the originator thought, as current military thinking is that one griveously wounded man is worth many dead ones in decreasing the enemy's fighting capacity. That means that modern nerve gasses well might leave you paralyzed for life, but still living. Anyway, if you can get military stuff, why not use a rifle or a few kilos of explosive?

Mike's sig were also at the bottom of the File. It follows here, for historic reasons:

   [ .sig removed by Mike's request ]
Unfortunately, the mail address doesn't work any more.

Well, that's all. Comments are very welcome.

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And, for completeness, my data:
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