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Part I, Preamble

Notes, Legal issues, Bibliography/Sources, Groups, Index


This list is compiled from a large number of sources, the main one being this newsgroup (ASH). I have not named anyone in any of the entries to ensure their privacy.

Calle: I, on the other hand, will name sources if (and only if) the sources give me permission. There may be inaccuracies in many of the entries... double check if you can. Go to the library and read up on your favorite method - check dosages in the manufacturer's data sheets. If you do notice any inaccuracies, please write to the net ASAP.

Legal issues

This file is provided for the purposes of amusement, and the actual use of any of these methods is not recommended without first considering other possibilities, such as dying of old age. Please do not pass it onto people whom you know to be actively suicidal.. you may find yourself in jail for considerable periods. I have a small amount of info on British law regarding assisting suicides; feel free to ask me for a copy. Basically, distribution to a number of unknown people is fine, but giving it to someone whom you know is actively considering suicide can get you into jail for up to 14 years.

I should also point out that this file is distributed world-wide, and there will be significant differences in the legal aspects in other countries.

Calle: For example, in Sweden the distribution of this file is completely legal, according to a lawyer I know. As long as you don't physically help someone to commit suicide, you're safe. According to the lawyer mentioned above, Dr. Kevorkian's suicide machine would probably be legal in Sweden.

Bibliography and sources

This booklist is an extended list from [1]. I strongly recommend [1], try getting it mail order from the address below.

Calle: Not used in the creation of this file, but recommended on the newsgroup was:
"The Enigma Of Suicide" by George Howe Colt


The National Hemlock Society
PO Box 11830
Eugene, OR 97440-3900
(503) 342-5748
[American, pro-euthanasia, many books, D Humphry is founder]

[British, suicide hotlines and prevention, Chad Varah is founder. non-interventionist approach]

Befrienders International
[International, suicide prevention, umbrella organisation]

The Voluntary Euthanasia Society
(Formerly British EXIT) [British, pro-euthanasia]

Association pour le Droit de Mourir dans la Dignite
[French, pro-euthanasia]

Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Humanes Sterben
[German, pro-euthanasia]

Club of Life
[American, anti-euthanasia]

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